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macOS Typography Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Mastering the art of typography is essential for creating visually appealing documents and digital content. For macOS users, the operating system offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly insert special characters, symbols, and punctuation marks.

To help you navigate the world of typography with ease, I have compiled the ultimate macOS typography shortcuts cheat sheet.

Punctuation and Quotation Marks

Good typography relies heavily on proper punctuation and the use of quotation marks. The following shortcuts will help you ensure that your text is both visually appealing and easy to read.

Em dashOption + Shift + –
En dashOption + –
EllipsisOption + ;
Single curly quotes‘’Option + ] and Option + Shift + ]
Double curly quotes“”Option + [ and Option + Shift + [

Copyright and Trademarks

Protecting your intellectual property and giving credit where it’s due is crucial in today’s digital world.

Copyright symbol©Option + G
Trademark symbolOption + 2
Registered trademark symbol®Option + R

Currency Symbols

Dealing with financial figures or international currencies? Use the shortcuts below to insert popular currency symbols.

Euro symbolOption + Shift + 2
Pound sterling symbol£Option + 3
Yen symbol¥Option + Y
Cent symbol¢Option + 4

Mathematical Symbols

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or professional, working with mathematical symbols is often a necessity.

Plus-minus symbol±Option + Shift + =
Division sign÷Option + /
Not equal to signOption + =
Almost equalOption + X
Infinity symbolOption + 5
Greater than or equal to signOption + >
Less than or equal to signOption + <
Plus or minus symbol±Option + Shift + =
Degree°Option + Shift + 8
Pi symbolπOption + P
Square root symbolOption + V
Integral symbolOption + B

Miscellaneous Symbols

This section includes shortcuts for inserting various miscellaneous symbols that are commonly used in many different contexts.

Bullet pointOption + 8
Paragraph symbolOption + 7
Section symbol§Option + 6
DaggerOption + T
Ohm symbolΩOption + Z
Micro symbolµOption + M
At symbol@Option + 2

Infographic: macOS Typography Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

The following infographic showcases all the shortcuts covered in this cheat sheet. I recommend you download the infographic to your computer and refer to it whenever you need a quick reminder. That way, you’ll be a master of macOS typography in no time!

macOS Typography Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by David Morelo

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